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Brightening & Firming

This Brightening & Firming Moisturizer is specially formulated with a blend of plant stem cell and botanical extracts to give a firm skin, as well as to improve the visible signs of photo aging such as skin roughness, fines lines and wrinkles. Based on researches done, it is known that skin stem cells have the ability to undergo tissues. However, these stem cells have a limited life expectation and their activity reduced with increases of age. Thus, skin stem celss have to be protected and supported to delay preliminary aging.

Through laboratories tests conducted, it is found out that plant stem cell nutrients improve the viability and healthiness of human stem celss and therefore, it could be used to protect the skin stem celss form aging and damages. The plant stem cells used in this moisturizer is PhytoCellTecâ„¢ Malus Domestica. It is extracted from a rare species of Swiss apple, which is famous for its long storability. It was found out that these apple stem cells extracts could protect longevity of skin stem cells. besides, it is also delays the senecence of skin essential cells, thus able to rejuvenate the aging skin and maintain the youth of the skin stem cells.


Apart from the PhytoCellTecâ„¢ Malus Domestica incorporated, this moisturizer also enriched with potent anti-oxidants to eliminate the formation of free radicals and prevent the skin aging caused by the sunlight expossure. It also contains UV filters that are able to reduce the absorption of harmful UV rays by scattering and reflection. Nutricent oil and others humectants included also help to moisture and hydrates the skin cells, which gives the skin a more radiant complexion.


Results This moisturizer can be absorbed easily and give a soft and velvet feel to the skin. It could cover the skin imperfections and gives moisturizing effect to the skin, and at the same time, protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Skin pigmentation and wrinkles are reduced and a more natural and radiant skin tone is revealed after continuous application.



Apply evenly on the face and neck after cleansing, prior to sun exposure every morning. Reapply if needed.


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